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May 28, 2012


After one full year since the re-chartering of our Beta Iota Chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma at California University, I am happy to report that terrific things continue to happen. Allow me to brag a little about the undergraduate efforts followed by the latest from our alumni base.

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  • 31 = the number of undergraduate (all National) brothers as of Spring 2012;
  • 24 are expected to return for Fall 2012;
  • Sigma Tau Gamma is the second largest fraternity at CalU;
  • 7 brothers graduated Spring 2012; two – Ben Snyder (4.0) and Cory Snyder (3.99) graduated Summa Cum Laude;
  • Beta Iota’s GPA for the Spring semester was 2.82.

  • Bob Rodi, BI 350, was selected as CalU’s Outstanding Alumnus of the Year for 2012. Bob and his wife Marina live in Warrendale, PA.
  • “Fallen Brothers” – Rick Carman, BI 188, August A. "Augie" Galante, BI 219, Thomas E. Smith, BI 235, Walter Hedges, BI 268, and Thomas E. Boyer, BI 292, and Bill Mondi, BI 306.
  • On 1 May 2012, Brother Jon Brierton, BI 644, was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army (Reserve). Jon recently deployed to Afghanistan for a 9-month tour. Please consider reaching out to our distinguished brother and past Alumni Advisor: LTC Jon Brierton, 411th Engineer Bde, Bagram Air Field, APO AE 09354.
  • Sigma Tau Gamma National’s 45th Grand National Chapter, Washington DC, August 2-5, 2012.

  • Alumni Property. The Housing Committee (Chair, Jim Sandherr, BI 504), continues to identify and make capital improvements to our property which has greatly facilitated the growth of Sigma Tau Gamma at CalU. The property is occupied at maximum capacity: 14 undergraduates each term.
  • Board of Directors (BoD). Vito Dentino, BI 218, Pete Gialames, BI 220, Mike Napolitano, BI 230, Bob Rodi, BI 354, Jeff Janosik, BI 526, Kevin Jenkins, BI 419, Rich Saut, Bi 527, Jeff Stivason, BI 524, Jim Sandherr, BI 504, Joe Sprentz, BI 535, Frank Catalano, BI 499, and Wayne Cekola, BI 616. The BoD meets semi-annually: at CalU Homecoming in October and in Myrtle Beach in March.
  • Beta Iota Alumni Website. Please tab it as a favorite and visit frequently. Brother Frank Catalano, BI 499, manages our extensive brother database, so ensure you forward your updated info to Frank (who can also provide an electronic copy of our Excel spreadsheet to you).
  • Annual Golf Trip to Myrtle Beach, SC. This tremendous event has proven to be vital in reinforcing old and building upon new friendships among Beta Iota alumni. It is something that dozens of us – now scattered throughout the country – look forward to each year. Brothers, this event is not about golf ability; it is much more important and far-reaching than that. Persuade your favorite brother(s) to go then contact the organizer, Jeff Janosik, for more information. I urge you to attend in 2013 (April 3-6, 2013). You absolutely will have an awesome time!
  • Scholarships. Our Alumni Association is chartered to provide services and assistance to the Beta Iota Chapter. We are striving to make their undergraduate careers pleasant and memorable – just like yours and mine.

    In that light, a major undertaking involves our endowed scholarships for which you are encouraged to contribute. Please visit Scholarships for the details, or contact Mike Napolitano or Pete Gialames for more information. Click: Endowment to view more information as well as the attached agreement.

    As President, my immediate priority is to fund the Endowment at CalU for Sigma Tau Gamma. Please participate…as your fellow brothers – not to name names, but BI numbers – have: BI’s 56, 63, 149, 151, 218, 220, 227, 230, 236, 286, 313, 341, 360, 447, 481, 494, 502, 504, 524, 526, and 563.

    We need a minimum balance of $10,000 for the endowment to benefit an undergraduate student (Sig Tau). We are over half way there: $4,000 from the above alumni plus $1,000 has been appropriated from our Beta Iota Alumni Association.

    Please get on board! Let’s make it possible for an undergraduate brother to receive the scholarship for the 2012-2013 school year.

  • The Saga (Sigma Tau Gamma National’s quarterly publication). If you are not receiving it and desire to, contact Leann Bylo, Development Director, Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation, or Sarah Gorman at 660.747.2222. Provide name, Beta Iota Chapter, and pledge year.
  • Extracurricular Events. Look for and please support events (Sig Tau/CUP at PNC Park, Summer Clean-up/BBQ, Alumni vs Undergraduate Slowpitch Softball Game, Washington Wild Things baseball game, etc.) through the summer where we alumni can gather with family members and the undergraduate brothers. Information will come via bulk e-mail.
  • Cal U Homecoming 2012. Mark October 12-13, 2012 on your calendar, and bring your wife and family to join the fun...and pray for a warm, Fall day. Please play in the Homecoming Golf Outing on Friday, October 12th (tee times begin at noon).

Gentlemen, it is a privilege to be associated with a truly outstanding fraternal organization such as Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity. Sigma Tau Gamma has played an important role in our past and will continue far into the future. Make a concerted effort in 2011 to contact and meet with old brothers. The value of doing so needs no further explanation.


Pete Gialames, BI 220
President, Beta Iota Alumni Association